Connected domination value in graphs

Angsuman Das


In a connected graph G = (V,E), a set DV is a connected dominating set if for every vertex v\ D, there exists u ∈ D such that u and v are adjacent, and the subgraph〈D〉induced by D in G is connected. A connected dominating set of minimum cardinality is called a γc-set of G. For each vertex v ∈ V, we define the connected domination value of v to be the number of γc-sets of G to which v belongs. In this paper, we study the properties of connected domination value of a connected graph G and its relation to other parameters of a connected graph. Finally, we compute the connected domination value and number of γc-sets for a few well-known family of graphs.


domination value, connected dominating set, maximum degree

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