On strict-double-bound numbers of graphs and cut sets

Kazutaka Ikeda, Kenjiro Ogawa, Satoshi Tagusari, Shin-ichiro Tashiro, Morimasa Tsuchiya


For a poset P=(X,≤P), the strict-double-bound graph of P is the graph sDB(P) on V(sDB(P))=X for which vertices u and v of sDB(P) are adjacent if and only if uv and there exist elements x,yX distinct from u and v such that xP uP y and x ≤P v ≤P y. The strict-double-bound number ζ(G) of a graph G is defined as min{ n ; sDB(P) ≅ GǨn {for  some poset P}. We obtain an upper bound of strict-double-bound numbers of graphs with a cut-set generating a complete subgraph. We also estimate upper bounds of strict-double-bound numbers of chordal graphs.


strict-double-bound graph; strict-double-bound number; cut-set; chordal graph

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5614/ejgta.2021.9.2.16


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