On regular handicap graphs of order $n \equiv 0$ mod 8

Dalibor Froncek, Aaron Shepanik


A handicap distance antimagic labeling of a graph G = (V, E) with n vertices is a bijection : V → {1, 2, …, n} with the property that (xi) = i, the weight w(xi) is the sum of labels of all neighbors of xi, and the sequence of the weights w(x1), w(x2), …, w(xn) forms an increasing arithmetic progression. A graph G is a handicap distance antimagic graph if it allows a handicap distance antimagic labeling. We construct r-regular handicap distance antimagic graphs of order $n \equiv 0 \pmod{8}$ for all feasible values of r.


graph labeling, handicap labeling, regular graphs, tournament scheduling

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5614/ejgta.2018.6.2.1


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